NJEDge.Net is a non-profit corporation, created by the New Jersey Presidents Council and governed by a unique Board of Trustees, which includes University and College Presidents, Chief Academic Officers and Chief Information Officers, and representations from the state library and K-12. We are a member-driven organization supporting our community through a robust IP infrastructure, consortium procurements, shared services and community collaboration.

As your non – profit consortium, we follow state procurement guidelines to acquire key services to meet your needs.

Cost-effective services include:

  • High-speed Internet connectivity over NJEDge’s highly redundant infrastructure
    • Access to NJEDge.Net – NJ’s  statewide  research  &  education network
    • Access to Internet2 – the national research & education network
    • Virtual firewall and traffic management
    • NJEDge Public IP address space
    • Network monitoring
  • NJEDge Services
    • Access to the NJEDge video conferencing portal
    • Access to the NJVID online “learning-on-demand” repository
    • Curated educational content available from NJEDge sister state networks
    • Tested solutions for disaster recovery and backup storage
  • Professional Development
    • EDge.Networks’ forums, events, webinars, workshops, faculty showcases and annual conference
    • Project-focused problem solving via focused workshops at convenient campus locations.
  • Procurement savings through cooperative purchasing agreements
    • VMware, Emergency Notification Systems, Synchronous Collaboration Tools, and Telecom Services

NJEDge staff is available to help you keep pace with today’s challenges. We leverage our experience and size to meet your needs while managing costs. Join our robust statewide consortium and work along side our community colleges and state universities to solve common problems using today’s technology. Contact our community team and discover what we can do at community@njedge.net