NJEDge.Net is a NJ-based 501.3(C) research and education network. NJEDge.Net Affiliate Partners are companies who support NJEDge.Net’s mission to provide collaborative resources and networked information services in support of teaching, learning, research and development, outreach, public service, and economic development throughout the state of New Jersey. The NJEDge.Net Affiliate Partner Program is an integral part of how we service our community throughout the year.

Affiliate Partners receive special discounts for exhibiting at the NJEDge.Net Annual Conference, the Faculty Showcase, and Summer Luncheon. Our Partners often choose to sponsor meals, giveaways, or prizes at these major annual events to increase their company’s visibility.

Throughout the year Affiliate Partners educate and connect with NJEDge.Net members by serving on panels, making presentations, and sponsoring events such as workshops and webinars. Some highlights of these opportunities include chances to:


  • Collaborate on the use of campus technology, new network applications and technologies, and other innovations in education.
  • Interact with the leadership of college, universities, hospitals and K-12 institutions.
  • Exchange technical expertise and experience with the NJ educational community.
  • Work with unique features of the NJEDge.Net infrastructure such as Internet2.


Please note the Affiliate Partner Program does not grant any preference in the award of any contracts by NJEDge.Net or any of its institutional members.

Please contact Sheri Prupis, Vice President, Academic Technology & Community Engagement, with any questions: