Equitable access for all of our students and faculty is probably the most demanding need our school districts has been forced to deal with in enhancing our technology infrastructure and support New Jersey Common Core and State Technology Standards. The Vidyo™ portal service offered to us as an affiliate member of NJEDge has helped our district participate in home and global community projects in our schools. Having a safe social network for communicating with other classes and students around the world is one of the main core objectives in establishing global communities for future work place readiness.

Two projects that have helped us meet this need include a High School level Advanced Placement French Language Class and a culture exchange program between our Middle School and another in Tirana, Albania.

Michael Sweeder
Educational Media Technology Director.
Egg Harbor Township of New Jersey

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Vidyo™ has allowed our advanced French students share live classroom collaboration with other school faculty and family members in France. Regular interactive sessions included conversational French and membership. Without Vidyo portal these authentic classroom collaborations and membership would not have been possible.
Another significant project with Albania and our middle school. This partnership allowed us to have a regular dialogue with students and faculty that included student presentations and related discussion about
varied customs and traditions. In addition a major goal of the project was for the Albanina students to practice and help master English language acquisition skills and practice conversational English.

Vidyo™ has allowed our large district the opportunity to customize classroom connections as needed without significant investment in traditional video-conferencing equipment and the need for specialized spaces and knowledgeable operators. Every teacher is empowered to connect with the world as needed in their own classrooms with just the internet and a classroom computer.