NJEDge co-produces programs such as Around the World in 24 Hours and Science and Cinema that help students circumvent provincial settings into global experience; and through the digital repository of NJVid students can stream lessons and create and archive theirs for group access. Through Academic Internet, your school room is a worldwide learning library with capabilities of hands-on exercise and real world research opportunities.

Around the World in 24 Hours !!

Globalization impacts the life of every person and every nation on the planet. As young citizens we can contribute to the dialogue of globalization.
As teachers we are dedicated to teaching our youth to be responsible global citizens. Around the World in 24 Hours bring students from different cultures and backgrounds together to promote global awareness and understanding. Through a combination of membership that utilize videoconferencing and an interactive website for the exchange of information and ideas NJ students had face-to-face dialog with their peers in Mexico, Ukraine,
Germany, Japan, India, Pakistan and more. Without videoconferencing these students will have to travel over days and weeks for the experience. Most NJ students will probably never have this opportunity.

Science and the Cinema

Students participate in a film and lecture series intended for a broad range of individuals who enjoy the cinema and have an interest in science and medicine. Selected films touch on a variety of medical and scientific topics. Following each film, an expert discusses the science depicted in the film and takes questions from the audience. These discussions also include the ethical implications raised by the film. Science in the Cinema programs, in this form, was only available to live audiences. Through the use of videoconferencing Science and the Cinema allows students to interact directly with scientists and researchers in their respective fields of expertise without leaving their school and in an enjoyment situation where information is more readily absorbed.

The variety of films shown - Erin Brokovich, Jurassic Park, Lorenzo 's Gold - exposes the students to discuss legal issues, Dinosaurs, primates and adrenoleukodystrophy, the rare disease that struck young Lorenzo Odone. Students are challenged in discussions on the ethical and moral issues that the advancement of science and technology places on the world community.