Cost-effective services include:
  • High-speed Internet connectivity over NJEDge’s highly redundant infrastructure
    • Access to NJEDge.Net – NJ’s statewide research & education network
    • Access to Internet2 – the national research & education network
    • Virtual firewall and traffic management
    • NJEDge Public IP address space
    • Disaster Recovery and Consultative Support
  • NJEDge Services
    • Access to the NJEDge video conferencing portal
    • Access to the NJVID online “learning-on-demand” repository
      • Curated educational content available from NJEDge sister state networks
  • Professional Development
    • EDge.Networks’ forums, events, webinars, workshops, faculty showcases and annual conference
  • Procurement savings through cooperative purchasing agreements
    • VMware, Emergency Notification Systems, Synchronous Collaboration Tools, and Telecom Services