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2016-2017 Corporate Sponsorship Program

Educational Technology companies are invited to be a part of the NJEDge.Net educational community…if your company is the right kind of company.


  • If your company wants to expand your business in New Jersey by learning how to best serve New Jersey’s learning communities...

  • If your company wants to partner with New Jersey’s educational institutions to develop products and services customized for the New Jersey educational landscape...

  • If your company wants to provide top-quality professional development, deep-dive training, and high-level briefings to New Jersey’s educational leadership...


...then your company is invited to apply to be a part of the 2016-2017 NJEDge.Net Corporate Sponsorship program.

To find out more:

All Corporate Sponsorships are at the discretion of NJEDge.Net.


Corporate Sponsor companies receive no points or recognition in any services the NJEDge.Net consortium puts out to bid.

At the junction of education and technology, you will find NJEDge.Net – serving New Jersey’s educational institutions with the latest technology, and bringing New Jersey’s brightest minds together to form a strong and vibrant community.


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