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Teresa M. Nakra & Chris Ault

Teresa M. Nakra & Chris Ault, The College of New Jersey

WiiConduct -- Teaching Classical Music through Interface Design
 Session IV, Friday 11:45 - 12:45


Teresa Marrin Nakra is an Assistant Professor of Music at The College of New Jersey, where she teaches Music Technology, Music Theory, Electronic Music, and Game Design, and advises student researchers and composers. Prior to her appointment at TCNJ, she was the Technical Director of the Computer Music Studio at MIT and taught courses in Electronic Music and Composition at several Boston-area universities. She was a Clifton Visiting Artist in residence at Harvard University in 2002. Teresa founded and runs Immersion Music Inc., a non-profit organization that builds technical solutions for musicians, artists, educators and museums.

Teresa holds an A.B. in Music (magna cum laude) from Harvard University and Radcliffe College, where she studied with Ivan Tcherepnin and Stephen Mosko. She holds an M.S. and Ph.D. from the MIT Media Laboratory, where she worked closely with Tod Machover, Rosalind Picard, John Harbison, and Marvin Minsky. She has received numerous distinctions for her academic work, including Research Fellowships from IBM, Motorola, and Interval Research Corporation. She served for several years as the Assistant Conductor of the Boston Modern Orchestra Project.

Chris Ault

Chris Ault
Assistant Professor, The College of New Jersey

“I’m an assistant professor in the Interactive Multimedia program at The College of New Jersey , covering a range of subjects from video games to interaction design to digital media production and literacy. Prior to that I was a researcher and adjunct professor in NYU’s pioneering Interactive Telecommunications Program. I’ve got a bachelor’s degree from the Plan II Honors Program at the University of Texas, and a master’s from ITP at NYU.

Thumb through my current and past projects and you’ll see my skills and my interests are all over the map — from animation to interactive music and interactive art. I enjoy having a hand in all the aspects of a project and collaborating with artists and professionals from a variety of backgrounds.

My non-academic portfolio includes copywriting for clients like Blockbuster, EDS, GTE, Haggar Clothing Company and Coles Myer in Australia. I’ve developed web sites for Nokia, Dave & Buster’s and Columbia University. I’ve also composed music for clients like Midway video games, American Airlines and Tabasco.”


The presenters will discuss their recent collaboration to design an interactive experience that allows the public to "conduct" a symphony orchestra on a computer using a Wii-mote. The experience, which was funded by the Swiss bank UBS, has been traveling around to concert hall lobbies all over the U.S. and Europe. This talk will focus on aspects of the user interface design and the ways in which classical music can be experienced through game-like interactivity






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