Mission Statement

The User Services Resources Group seeks to foster collaboration among NJEDge members by exploring current and emerging practices in user services, and enrich their delivery of technology services. Openness and collaboration are at the core of the group; in addition to providing professional development opportunities, members will share successes and operational challenges in the administration of user services. Members will walk away with insightful strategies to utilize institution wide technology, deliver excellent customer service, and provide a high caliber of technical expertise.

NJEDge has eleven affinity groups, operating under the umbrella name of EDge.Networks.  They have been proven effective in finding common consortium solutions to academic, administrative and system technology on campus.

Co- chairs:

Yelena Lyudmilova 
Assistant Director of Education and Computing Technology
Administrative and Learning Technologies
Essex County College

Anthony Farber
New Jersey Institute of Technology

To become part of the listserve for USRG, contact prupis@njedge.net