The mission of the Academic Technology Group is to identify and facilitate activities and events that address the institutional-wide interests of a broad range of audiences. The ATG addresses the impact of technologies on academic and administrative environments while promoting the meaningful infusion of technology into higher education curricula. The group also plays a leadership role in bringing together instructional and user support service technologists, faculty, and administration to share expertise in these areas:

  • Online and hybrid learning initiatives
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Innovative discipline-specific software
  • Assessment
  • Tools that support teaching and learning with technology
  • Classroom equipment
  • Learning spaces
  • Support for Bring Your Own Device
  • Emerging technologies
  • Virtualization in support of academics

Our work is carried out through events such as the Faculty Best Practices Showcase in the spring as well as in group meetings and webinars with speakers and demonstrations periodically throughout the year. In addition, many ATG members have active roles in the planning, presenting and participation in the NJEDge Annual Conference which is held in the fall.

There are several challenges facing ATG this year including the rapidly changing pace of technology and its place in education, student success technologies (active learning, personalized learning, Business Intelligence and analytics), and optimizing educational technology. In addition, changes in the LMS market (mergers and acquisitions, feature development), social media management and best practices in rich media creation and curation provide ongoing challenges facing our colleagues.

These challenges are what excite us most about being Co-Chairs of ATG. Participants never leave an event without notes including best practices, sound advice and ideas to apply to their work, usually as soon as they return to their institutions. An important component of these meetings are the intangible benefits of enjoying the collegiality of the group and the various areas of expertise that are brought to the table.

We believe there is potential for dramatic and positive change in higher education based on the use of existing and emerging technologies. We are excited to be at the helm of the Academic Technology Group.

Co-chairs of the NJEDge Academic Technology Group:
Ryan Gladysiewicz, Associate Director for the Office of Instructional Design, The College of New Jersey
Gamin Bartle, Senior Director, Instructional Technology and User Services, Drew University