Charles McMickle Award Inaugural Ceremony 2013

 β€œIt was such an honor to be present when the [Charles McMickle Award for Excellence and Innovation] was given. An emotional moment to be sure but well worth it. Charlie would be so proud to see how well you have progressed over the years. He was so passionate about his work with NJEDge.”

 Dennis Bone with Eric Kulmala   

 Bottom row: Les Michelson, George Carroll, Regina Carroll, Kathy Ciociola, Fred Ciociola.
Top row: George Laskaris, Sheri Prupis, Brian Gately.   

 Sr. Rosemary Jeffries.  

  Saul Fenster and Sr. Rosemary  

  Sr. Rosemary and Jeanne Oswald  

  Dennis Bone and Sr. Rosemary  

  Kathy Ciociola and Sr. Rosemary  

  George Carroll and Sr. Rosemary  

  Honorees, Kathy Kearns, Sr. Rosemary, George Laskaris, Sheri Prupis