The NJEDge.Net Board of Trustees is comprised of at least four but not more than five members from each of the following higher education sectors: State Research Universities, State Colleges and Universities, County Colleges, and non-profit, independent colleges and universities located in New Jersey that are member institutions of the Corporation. Up to five trustees may be persons who are leaders from business and industry, K-12 schools, hospital and healthcare entities, the Chief Information Officer for the State and the State Librarian; one of the five may be from a for profit institution of higher learning with degree granting authority operating with a physical presence in NJ. For each sector, there shall be a minimum of two Presidents, one Chief Academic Officer and one Chief Information Officer. George Laskaris, President and CEO of NJEDge.Net is an ex-officio, non-voting member.The Board of Trustees has fiduciary responsibility of the corporation. Members of the Board provide guidance, oversight, input and assessment of the alignment of the mission of the organization with the missions of its member institutions. The Board evaluates the demands, trends and external conditions influencing the services that NJEDge provides. The subcommittees are Executive, Audit, Budget & Finance, Strategic Planning Implementation, Nominating Committee, Board Membership and By-Laws Review.

Prior to the start of the fiscal year on July 1st, the Board maps out directional activities, objectives and projections for the coming year. Additions and enhancements to the strategic plan are implemented on an ongoing basis in accordance with an analysis of the changing needs and requirements of the membership.