“Jim and Bruce always made time for Bloomfield. I commend them highly for helping us out.”
– Laszlo Marshall, IT Administrator

Bloomfield College’s connection to the Internet was once state-of-the-art. Over time, its
connection was aging. Bloomfield connected to NJEDge with a single 100mg Ethernet circuit,
but technology advances and Bloomfield College itself was expanding. With over 2000 full
time students on-site using different devices to connect to a multitude of online resources and
social media, the explosion of BYOD was in full swing. The pre-2013 connection could no
longer support the needs of the college. Students and faculty use smart phones, tablets, etc.
to access their courses, information; administrators depend more than ever on technology for
enrollment, financial aid and student information. Updating the wireless infrastructure was the
only solution.
Laszlo Marshall, Bloomfield’s information technology administrator contacted NJEDge.Net
for recommendations to grow Bloomfield’s Internet bandwidth. Jim Stankiewicz and Bruce
Tyrrell did a “walk through” to assess current technology and growing needs to ascertain
the requirements to upgrade the Bloomfield/NJEDge connection. Bloomfield was nearing
the maximum capacity of their existing circuit. Jim, Director of Internet Engineering, advised
Laszlo to increase their connection to 1 Gig bring in a new router to accommodate the
increased traffic and, most importantly, to have a redundant connection to increase capacity
and decrease risk. With last mile providers from an NJEDge RFP and the technology
integration expertise and services offered by NJEDge Gold Affiliate Partner, Promedia,
Bloomfield was ready to make the changes.
Increased bandwidth and redundancy would allow the college to go wireless in order to
rid itself of dead zones, areas without any Internet connectivity, and make all dormitories,
academic buildings and outside quads Internet accessible. Jim and Bruce devised a plan that
fit Bloomfield’s needs and stayed within budget. They organized the schedule for cutting over
the connections. Software was installed to bring it “live” and circuits were migrated. NJEDge
helped manage the installation interval by accommodating Bloomfield with extra bandwidth
until completion of the installation. There was another plus for going wireless throughout the
campus: it brought in extra building space—open labs and walk up stations in the dorms
were reduced. Recently, one of the new last mile providers had a service interruption, but
Bloomfield did not experience a disruption of service because the redundant system works
so well.