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Instructional Design Symposium

How do you do what you do? A forum for instructional designers On Wednesday, June 24th, NJEDge will be holding a different type of workshop strictly for instructional designers. In a large meeting room, separate groups will discuss existing techniques, Separated into groups, you will share your effective techniques, models and approaches to faculty development.

Dr. Gayle K. Stein, Associate Director of Instructional Technology, Rutgers University and Dr. Sandra L. Miller, Deputy CIO, William Paterson University will lead the workshops.

All Instructional Designer's do it differently. Some do it quickly, some take their time. Some use existing techniques, others make them up as they go along. How do you use your skills to help faculty do what they do more effectively, to integrate technology into their curriculum in a meaningful and effective way:

  • What works with helping faculty to use Social Media
  • How to handle a new LMS
  • What to do with BYOD
  • How to work with STEM faculty
  • Integrating games and simulation
  • Helping faculty create an active learning classroom or flipped classroom
  • AND MORE..

Come join colleagues from throughout the state to discuss how instructional designers work with faculty. You'll meet others who do what YOU do and learn new ways of doing it. How do you teach the teacher, and what is necessary to train the trainer?

Bring your own laptops or tablets, A must for better interaction.


Gayle Stein is the Associate Director for Instructional Technology within the Office of Information Technology at Rutgers University.


Dr. Sandra. L. Miller provides leadership and vision for the Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology (CTLT), Media Services, and Broadcast, Production and Support Services at William Paterson University.

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