Joey Lee

Columbia University

Keynote Abstract: "Games for Social and Educational Impact: Lessons Learned and What’s Next?".
In this keynote, Dr. Joey J. Lee, Research Assistant Professor and Director of the Games Research Lab at Teachers College, will give a brief overview of how games and game-like principles can play a role in addressing problems in education and society. He will share his experiences designing, developing, and studying games for educational and real-world impact. He will give an overview and post-mortem of the design process of an environmental education game created by his lab, including lessons learned. He will conclude with possibilities of using games to address more meaningful goals and exciting directions for the future.

Workshop Abstract: "Games for Social and Educational Impact: Design Workshop".
During this workshop, Teachers College Columbia University research professor and game designer Joey Lee will discuss gameful thinking in education -- that is, using games and game-like elements to address problems in education. He will identify game principles drawn from well-design games that can be applied to learning. He will introduce the Scholar’s Quest: Teacher Tinker project, a free toolkit for teachers to gamify their classrooms, and highlight the Science City Heroes project, a game layer used in New York City middle school science classrooms to promote 21stcentury skills such as creativity, collaboration, self-directedness, and sciencemindedness.

He will invite participants to design their own game materials/gamification tools for their own contexts. Within small groups, participants will take part in design exercises, including values-centered design and designing an original game for social good, adopting an iterative, playcentric design process.


Joey J. Lee is Research Assistant Professor of Technology and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University and Director of the Games Research Lab. He designs, develops and studies games and game-like experiences for education and social impact. His projects include both digital and non-digital games for climate change education, science education, motivation, identity formation, and cross-cultural education. More information about his projects can be found at

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