Biography: Lolita Paff

Dr. Paff joined the faculty at Penn State Berks, one of Penn State University’s regional campus colleges, in 2001. Integrating professional experience as a certified public accountant (CPA) with subsequent training as an economist, she teaches introductory and advanced courses in accounting, business and economics. Lolita’s pedagogical interests are classroom and online interaction, metacognition and critical learning skills, learning-centered instruction, and the implications of teacher power and control on student learning.  She has published research on class participation and student interaction in technical courses and received the 2014 MERLOT Classics Award in Business, a peer reviewed national honor, for authoring an exemplary online learning resource. She serves on the boards of national teaching, learning, and academic leadership conferences and leads faculty development workshops internationally on a variety of topics.

Lolita received her BS in Accounting from The College of New Jersey, MBA from Seton Hall University, and Ph.D. in Business and Economics from Lehigh University.

Presentation Details:

Promoting Student Success: Practices to Debunk Misperceptions About Learning

Teachers often find themselves teaching students who appear to ignore their advice, bypass available learning resources, study insufficiently, underestimate difficulty, and overestimate understanding. The results are D’s, F’s, W’s, and declining retention. The question is, why? One reason is student misperceptions about learning. They think learning happens quickly.  Many use passive study strategies like reading, reviewing, and “looking over” the textbook or their notes. They rely on flashcards and memorization without considering interrelationships, making inferences, or applying concepts.  Put bluntly, they are novice learners.  This interactive presentation explores the issues and identifies instructional strategies that help students overcome learning misperceptions to promote academic success.