Virtualization delivered via cloud is a topical issue as institutions look towards more solutions to integrate emerging technologies through cloud computing. The future of virtualization and the impact of cloud computing on education institution were addressed at a symposium held on March 28, 2013, at the Institute of Advance Study.

NJEDge’s inaugural Virtualization & Community Cloud day was great success. Participants from Member Organizations around the state came together to listen to engaging plenary speakers about the future on these technologies, as well as take deep-dives into the details of how to most effectively use these technologies to support the missions of their individual institutions. The Institute of Advance Study was the perfect host for the event—giving true import for the need of research into virtualization.

The plenary speakers, starting with Kit Colbert and Ben Goodman, set the tone as to what can be expected from VMware. Our keynote speaker, Joe Weinman, addressed the economic reality of integration virtualization in schools and business. The workshops were extremely important to follow up the excellent talks.

NJEDge thanks our speakers, and Jeff Berliner of IAS of making our first virtualization event such a success.

To view the videotapes of the plenary talks, go to:

Here are the two NJEDge Virtualization and Community Cloud Day videos.

Attached is Joe Weinman’s PowerPoint on: Cloudonomics: The Business Value of Cloud Computing