Science in the Cinema
NJEDge.Net is very pleased to help promote “Science and the Cinema,” a project in development with Garden State Distance Learning Consortium, NJEDge, Verizon, MAGPI, New Jersey Association for Biomedical Research, and UMDNJ.

“Science in the Cinema”, in its original form, is a free film and lecture series intended for a broad range of individuals who enjoy the cinema and have an interest in science and medicine. Selected films touch on a variety of medical and scientific topics. Following each film, an expert discusses the science depicted in the film and takes questions from the audience. These discussions also include the ethical implications raised by the film. Science in the Cinema programs, in this form, was only available to live audiences.

Through the use of videoconferencing our Science and the Cinema program uses technology to accomplish the same goals. It allows students to interact directly with scientists and researchers in their respective fields of expertise without leaving their school. These projects also challenge the students by engaging them in discussions on the ethical and moral issues that the advancement of science and technology places on the world community. Projects are being developed that will include experts in the fields of medicine, genetics, anthropology, cellular biology, and toxicology.

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New Jersey Video ProjectThrough a $1 million three year grant from the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), William Paterson University, Rutgers University and NJEDge.Net launched NJVid, a project that creates a statewide digital video repository and portal with tools and services, providing “lectures on demand,” licensed commercial videos, and locally owned videos for use by member partners. Three major consortia representing most educational information organizations throughout the state VALE (Virtual Academic Library Environment); New Jersey Digital Highway, the statewide cultural heritage consortium; and NJEDge.Net, the statewide networking consortium will incorporate and extend their video resources and services in this strategic initiative. William Paterson University, Rutgers University, and eight other institutions including universities, community colleges, a high school, a county public library system, and a museum will serve as initial testers of this model integrated resource. NJVid will utilize a variety of cutting edge, open source strategies to serve large and small organizations and thus support all New Jersey citizens where they live, with what they need.

Through open source programs that provide authentication and authorization, and the repository architecture and a huge repository core located at NJEDge.Net, NJVid will provide faculty and organizations the ability to segment the video according to their needs.

Visit the NJVid website at

Spotlight in Girls

Spotlight on Girls Television Production (Spotlight) – a New Jersey-based youth media initiative affects social change by training young women in media production, who in turn shape images and develop television feature stories that speak to the values and strengths of girls. Thematic video-conference series provide Spotlight all-girls television crews with the tools to heighten global awareness of the impact of racial and gender-based stereotypes and initiate collaborative advocacy projects. Because Spotlight video-conferences create a safe space in which sharing first-hand experienced is encouraged, young women identify with each other, challenge the information and stereotypes perpetuated by mainstream global media. Spotlight on Girls breaks new ground using collaborative technology tools to concretize associations between girls’ lives in US and abroad, fostering understandings of shared challenges. Spotlight on Girls video conferencing is facilitated by NJEDge.Net.

Around the World 2003

Welcome to a unique video conferencing program offered through the Passaic Valley High School in New Jersey, United States of America. Inspired by a statement from Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, the purpose of this project is to bring students from different cultures and backgrounds together to promote global awareness and understanding. We hope to do this through a combination of videoconferencing, real time e-mail and online chats during one 24 hour period.

NJEDge.Net’s partnership in the Around the World Project enriches the experience of the participating students by supplementing the live video conferencing with an online website and course. The website gives the ability of parents to view the video and the course creates an ongoing opportunity for the students from each country to continue their conversation.

Profiling Fu Manchu

The Page of Fu Manchu represents an ongoing effort by scholars and readers from around the world to create a definitive Sax Rohmer bibliography, reference and archive. It is edited and maintained by Dr. Lawrence Knapp, an English Professor at Essex County College. The Associate Editor is Dr. R. E. Briney, a Professor of Computer Science at Salem State College in Massachusetts. At the site’s inception July 5, 1997, NJIN supported it as a faculty initiative. NJEDge.Net now continues to support the site as a unique demonstration project in international scholarship and community. Designed to attract serious scholars of popular culture as well as readers and collectors, it has attracted contributors from all over the world and now has bibliographies in 23 languages from 29 countries.

Faculty-to-Faculty Effective Practices Showcase [March 21, 2003]

NJEDge.Net’s 4th Annual Faculty Showcase demonstrates outstanding examples of curricular innovation with technology, including online courses, web-enhanced courses and the infusion of technology into face-to-face courses. Many disciplines are represented, from gender studies, music, English, comparative literature, communications, early childhood education, elementary education, and philosophy to biology, biomedical engineering, nursing, marketing, psychiatry, psychology, math, and computer science. The Faculty Showcase is sponsored by the Educational Activities Task Force of NJEDge.Net and is hosted by the Kean University Center for Instructional Resources & Technology and the PT3 (Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers to Use Technology) Project.

Rainforest Connection [Feb 10-14, 2003]

Rainforest Connection Live! 2004

NJEDge.Net coordinated an exciting international K-12 project, showcasing the Verizon/ANJ Newark Portal and the growing partnerships between higher education and K-12 schools. Support from Verizon made this project possible. Project Director Jacalyn Willis commented, “This is very exciting, and a first for New Jersey educational institutions: to actually develop our own video conference with classes from home, and live from a research site in an exotic location. It gives totally new meaning to the Rainforest Connection as an interactive teaching venue.” With the success of this project, additional programming from Montclair State University and from field sites will be made available to more schools partnered with PRISM, she said.

“Implementing Technology in the Classroom”

– A conversation with Dr. Chris Moersch, Executive Director of the National Business Education Alliance (NBEA), and Sue Sullivan, New Jersey Department of Education, Office of Educational and Informational Technology. This program was sponsored by New Jersey Association of Educational Technology, Apple Computers, and the New Jersey Department of Education.




Best Practices Showcase and Annual Conference

Since 2003, NJEDge.Net has held monthly meetings of its working groups.  Biannually it offers two topic-centered best practices showcase,and an annual conference in late fall.  The two and a half day conference is open to all New Jersey institutions and generally attracts over 350 participants which includes CIOs, faculty, administrators, and system architects.

The theme for the Fifth Annual Conference in 2008 is Building Community through the Application of Technology, which will address the broad interests and concerns of the New Jersey higher education community, K-12, hospitals and other non profit partners and provide opportunities to explore innovations in educational and administrative technologies with. Pre-conference workshops, plenary-session demonstrations, concurrent track sessions, and ePosters will cover a wide range of educational technology issues, specifically: eLearning and Libraries; Emerging Technologies; Policy Issues and Strategic Planning; and Network and Systems Computing.

NJEDge.Net Faculty Showcase, March 2008.

Passaic County Community College on Online Writing Resources

Presented at the NJEDge.Net Faculty Showcase, March 2008.


The NJEDge.Net higher education consortium maintains an excellent relationship with K-12 communities.  The success of this effort has encouraged NJEDge.Net to further foster and participate in the following three K-20 programs:

Around the world in 24 hours — The purpose of the project is to bring students from different cultures and backgrounds together to promote global awareness and understanding.  The students engage in collaboration through a combination of activities that utilize videoconferencing and an interactive website for the exchange of information and ideas.

The culminating activity involves Passaic Valley High School hosting a series of approximately one-hour individual videoconferences with participating international schools during one 24-hour period. Students are engaged in discussion on selected topics and problem-solving.  The project has two basic elements: the actual videoconferences themselves and an interactive website to promote the exchange of information and ideas.

The advances in communication technology offer this generation valuable and fruitful multicultural dialogues.  Videoconferencing allows people separated by distance to verbally and visually communicate in real time. Interactive websites allow for the continuation of dialogue long after the videoconferences are over.  The students at Passaic Valley High School have hands-on learning which prepares them to be intelligently engaged in diagnostic analysis and lively discussion with their peers from around the world. This project serves as a basis for the students to understand their relationships and responsibilities to people, institutions and the environment.

Science in Cinema –High school students watch films e.g. Erin Brockovichor Jurassic Park.  After viewing the films the students conduct videoconferences, via the NJEDge.Net, network with bioethicists, scientists, and doctors from higher education institutions to get a scholarly understanding of issues from the films.

The Rainforest Connections — By using the NJEDge.Net network and Verizon as resources, Professors from Montclair State University create an annual interactive videoconference on the Rainforest in Central America. The Rainforest Connection is coordinated by the Center for Professional Resources In Science & Mathematics (PRISM) at Montclair State University. PRISM provides services to school districts in the teaching of science and mathematics. Researchers appear in live sessions from the forest to talk about their experiences, their research projects, and ecological principles. They answer students’ questions.

Emergency Notification System

Maintaining community safety requires constant evaluation by compliance officers, risk managers, and IT personnel.  On and off campus safety is a stated responsibility for member institutions.  While technology has made great strides in providing communications protocols, critical situations often challenge notification best practices:  What means are in place to notify everyone in the community?   How to convey urgency without widespread panic?

NJEDge.Net, in consultation with the CIOs of its college and university members, conducted a comprehensive statewide Request for Proposal soliciting over 40 vendors for an Emergency Notification System.  The procurement was specified in Request for Proposal #657 which was released by NJEDge.Net through Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey on behalf of New Jersey’s Institutions of Higher Education on July 19, 2007.

Following an extensive evaluation process, a multi-vendor award was made to the three vendors that best fulfilled the requirements specified in the RFP.  The award went to NTI ConnectED; 3N Corporation; and Baycomm Research.  The selected vendors range from providing basic notification capabilities to more extensive feature rich notification capabilities.  A basic requirement for each system selected included redundant electronic notification methods to avoid the possibility of single points of failure.

Copyright Symposium

This was a two year project funded by NJEDge.Net and Seton Hall University.  It ran from 2004-2006. It held seven videoconference meetings, accessible at two Northern, one Central and Southern New Jersey campus.

For Higher Education institutions the digital era has opened avenues to research and scholarship previously unavailable. It has also brought into focus issues regarding copyright, intellectual property, plagiarism, information literacy, infringement and other topics to which educators must be concerned and accountable.

The New Jersey statewide symposium – Steering a Course through the Copyright Morass– was an open forum for educators to learn, discuss and take action on copyright issues. Its purpose was to provide basic information, discussion, and dialogue among the colleges and universities in New Jersey. The program dealt with student awareness of copyright issues and file-sharing; intellectual property from a faculty prospective and new federal regulations.  It invited renown specialists such as Dr Kenneth Crews, Associate Dean of the Faculties for Copyright Management at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis; Steven J. McDonald, General Counsel at Rhode Island School of Design; James Heller, Professor, William & Mary University and Robert Boynton, Professor, New York University