Network & Information Systems Architect

Project Director, NJVid

(973) 596-5528

Sujay is the Network and Information Systems Architect for NJEDge.Net. In this capacity, Sujay is engaged in the research and development of advanced networking technologies in areas such as Multicast, IPv6, Video over IP, and High Definition video communications.

Sujay is currently involved in the deployment of a Statewide federated access management system based on Shibboleth for various public, academic and public institutions of New Jersey. Sujay is currently serving as technical advisor for NJVid to create a framework for video on-demand portal, live streaming of on-demand lectures and academic events to faculty and students. He is also involved in the planning, and management of the infrastructure of the New Jersey Digital Video Repository based on FEDORA that is managed by NJEDge.Net.

Sujay evaluates new software and services which, when proven robust, are passed on to promote and enhance intra-institutional collaboration. His management and administration of NJEDge.Net’s secure site provides database connectivity and manages the profiles of its member colleges.

Sujay served as a key reviewer in the taskforce that issued and evaluated RFPs for Emergency Notification Services; led a training and deployment project of Federated Access Management System — Shibboleth, and arranged for Ruckus (an ad supported music and movie download service) to be available for students on campus. He is charged with the deployment of various ISP management tools to manage bandwidth as well as troubleshoot end-to-end problems.

He also manages the live video streaming of high visibility events like NJ Gubernatorial debate 2005 and Help America Vote Act.

He is dedicated to promote use of Video over IP, web conferencing and other collaboration products to enable Distance Learning for the higher education, K-12 and the scientific community.

Sujay’s work at NJEDge.Net is the bridge between infrastructure to teaching, learning and research.

He received his Masters in computer science from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and his BS in Electrical & Electronics Engineering. Sujay presents at seminars and technology symposiums on network protocol, analysis and prioritization.