Dr-Sam-Conn--2x2bSamuel Conn, Ph.D. has over 35 years of combined military, professional, industry, and academic experience in the field of technology and information systems.  Building on his extensive private sector experience, Conn began work in higher education in 2001 with a focus on information technology management, administrative and educational technologies, e-Learning networks, and online program construction and management. His service to academe includes Regis University, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virgina Tech), Georgia Military College, and Southern Polytechnic State University where he served as Computer Information Systems Chair and Graduate Faculty, Chief Technology Officer for the Oracle Virtual Laboratory and Academic Research Network, Director of Distance and Distributed Learning, Vice President for Information Technology and Online Learning, and Chief Information Officer. Conn is currently Executive Vice President for Finance, Administration and Information Technology and Chief Information Officer at State University of New York Empire State College. He holds an undergraduate (BSci) degree in Business Administration, a graduate (MSci) degree in Computer Information Systems, and a doctorate (Ph.D.) in Information Systems.  Conn is a member of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association and a distinguished member of Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society in the Computing Sciences.  He is widely published in the field of Information Systems, Educational Technology, e-Learning networks, cyberlearning, system development methodologies, and epistemic belief research. Conn is married with two daughters, Samantha and Stevie, and he and his wife, Beverly, are relocated to New Jersey to begin his role as President of NJEDge.Net in September, 2016.