Corporate Services Coordinator

(973) 669-0825

Jennifer Geretz brings over 20 years’ experience in the education
world to her position as Corporate Services Coordinator. Her
professional background, which includes teaching, administrative
leadership, and event planning, have provided a wealth of experience
to call upon in helping companies work with NJEDge.

As Corporate Services Coordinator, Jennifer makes sure that each
Affiliate Partner maximizes the benefits of their relationship with
NJEDge; she helps coordinate webinars, eblasts, face-to-face events,
and other opportunities for our Partners to interact with NJEDge.Net
membership. Jennifer also works with our corporate friends during
events such as our annual conference, summer luncheon, and faculty

Although Jennifer was born and raised in the Deep South, she has lived
in New Jersey since 1991. She received her BA from Brandeis University
in Waltham, Massachusetts.