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Conference 8.0

The theme of Pedagogy, Methodology, Technology was eagerly embraced by the plenary speakers; if anything, they added humanity to their talks.  All four speakers discussed technology and the importance of the human factor.

Matt Richtel opened Wednesday’s activities with an inspiring talk about how man embraces technology so totally that human intuition often runs contrary to its good.  Richard Katz spoke at the CIO dinner and on Thursday forecasting what technology will be in 2020.  James Hilton, who was the second speaker on Thursday, addressed technology as a disruptive force.  Will Richardson was a great hit because as a parent and a teacher he was able to bring into discussion on how the proliferation of technology in teaching affects our children in school and at home.

Jaron Lanier, the visionary technologist, took the audience through the course of where the first digital instrument, the Khaen (a musical instrument from Southeast Asia, developed 7000 years ago) was first computer to his innovative research at Microsoft with Kinect. Jaron suggests that we all read the short story by EM Forster, The Machine Stops
We are grateful to our attendees’ enthusiasm, the exhibitors’ generosity with sponsorship, and the NJEDge staff for excellent coordination.

Matt Richtel, Pluitzer Prize winner of the NY Times adds the human factor to our understanding of technology

Richard Katz, dinner speaker and opening plenary speaker, shares a moment with Sheri Prupis

James Hilton speaks to NJEDge about the disruptive nature..
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October 31st, 2011|

2011 Annual Report

October 6th, 2011|

Cool luncheon under summer sun!!

Under a blazing summer sun our annual luncheon held July 21, 2011 was cooled down with an important presentation by Jack Stripling from The Chronicle, good company and sumptuous food.

Jack Stripling’s presentation on “Pressure Points: Pressure Points: What You Should now about Higher Education in an age of Scrutiny, Accountability and Austerity” brought to discussion whether a business model for public and private institutions is sustainable in lieu of pervasive spending cuts. Public scrutiny of colleges is at a level not seen in decades, forcing presidents, trustees and faculty to rethink their assumptions and, in some cases, justify their existence. Jack’s lively talk also brought into discussion how the intersection of technology and accountability sometimes brings out the almost viral misuse of video-taped lectures as demonstrated; hilarious yet embarrassing clips of faculty gone wild stoke the memories of the luncheon guests.

August 8th, 2011|

Passaic Valley Regional High School, NJ, USA invites you to view its 9th Annual Around the World Videoconferencing Event.

The program starts on Wednedsay, May 11th at 7:30 am EST and continues to Thursday, May 12th at 4 am EST.

Our current schedule includes the Isle of Jersey, Russia, the Kotel in Israel, Mexico, Georgia, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Pakistan, India, and Croatia.

Our complete updated schedule can be found at  :

May 10th, 2011|

Charlie McMickle Legacy

The Charles McMickle Award for Excellence and Innovation is established in memory of our colleague who passed away in 2011. Charlie was Director of Technology and a guiding force behind our network architecture.

Prior to joining NJEDge.Net in early 2001, Charlie was a key member of the William Paterson University community and an active participant of NJEDge’s predecessor, NJIN. In fact, Charlie was responsible for some of the original grants that allowed NJIN to create the first video classrooms in NJ’s colleges and universities. For NJEDge.Net, Charlie was instrumental in the development of the design, network architecture and infrastructure we have today. In many ways Charlie was the conscience of NJEDge and had a deep belief that a technology consortium is the optimal way to share methodologies, pedagogies and technologies and was a driving force in the development of NJEDge for the past ten years.

Some of Charlie’s major contributions include: the deployment of NJEDge.Net Regional Optical Network; designing the first interactive video classroom deployed to 39 New Jersey colleges; as well as the design and deployment of a digital video satellite uplink and video portal used by all NJ Higher Education institutions.

We will greatly miss our friend and colleague who was always up for a challenge if it would improve services to the NJEDge community. We hope that you will join us at this year’s NJEDge Annual Conference on November 18th, when we will celebrate the life and accomplishments of Charlie McMickle. We will provide more information when it is available.”

– George Laskaris, President & CEO

on behalf of all the staff of NJEDge.Net


Click here for the tribute : “Travel with Charlie”


March 29th, 2011|

Promedia Technology Services, Inc. Virtualization Webinar Series for NJEDge.Net members

Deliver rich, personalized virtual desktops from a virtualization platform built to deliver the entire desktop, including the operating system, applications and data. With VMware View 4.5, desktop administrators can virtualize the operating system, applications, and user data and deliver them to end-users. Get centralized automated management of these components for increased control and cost savings. Improve business agility while providing a flexible high performance desktop experience for end-users, across a variety of network conditions.

Virtualization workshops are offered many times during the year.  For more information about this offer please contact Sheri Prupis,


March 25th, 2011|

NJVid wins the NJLA CUS/ACRL-NJ Technology Innovation Award for 2011

The NJLA College and University Section (CUS) Technology Committee is pleased to announce that the NJLA CUS/ACRL-NJ Technology Innovation Award winners for 2011 are the NJVid Commercial Video Collection Team, a multi-institutional statewide effort led by:

  1. Sandra Miller, Co-Principal Investigator, NJVid IMLS Grant (William Paterson University)
  2. Grace Agnew, Co-Principal Investigator, NJVid IMLS Grant (Rutgers University.)
  3. Sujay Daniel, NJVid Manager, NJEDge Senior Information System Architect; and
  4. Jane Hutchison, Chair, VALE Digital Media Committee (William Paterson University).

The NJVid Commercial Video Collection Team will demonstrate their project at the Technology Innovation Forum on Tuesday, May 3rd, at the NJLA Conference in Long Branch, NJ. They will be joined by this year’s nominees for the Award, who will also demonstrate their individual projects:

  • Patricia Denholm, Dean of the Library, and Yolanda Sheppard, Technical Assistant, Sidney Silverman Library, Bergen Community College, for the “Sidney Mobile and QR Library Codes” project
  • Barbara Arnett, Web Services Librarian, and Valerie Forrestal, Reference and Research Services Librarian,  Stevens Institute of Technology, for  the “oneSearchBookMarklet” project; and
  • Denise O’Shea, Systems Librarian, Fairleigh Dickinson University, for the “FDU Library eReader and iPad Lending Program.”

The Technology Innovation Award will be presented at the College and University Section Luncheon on Wednesday, May 4th. Please join me in congratulating the winners and nominees for the award at the NJLA 2011 Conference.  Registration information is online at: The early registration deadline is April 8th.


March 25th, 2011| is leading other states in its collaborative development

Grace Agnew
Associate University Librarian
Digital Library Systems, Rutgers University


March 24th, 2011|

SendWordNow Webinar

March 18th, 2011|

Meeting with Cisco

long description goes here.

March 18th, 2011|